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Splashes of Hope

Friends, I’m delighted to be a part of this year’s Splashes of Hope short story collection. Click below to download your free PDF copy: Check out the websites of these talented authors and follow their work! Pamela Baker Kathi Bloy Leone F. Byron Elizabeth Daghfal Beth Foreman Linda Lyle MaryAnne Quinn Ruth Schmeckpeper Felicia […]


Heather’s ringtone is the theme song from Batman. You know the one. Dah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-Batman! It hasn’t always been my friend’s ringtone. There’s a story behind it. The first week after my husband left, I existed solely on chai lattes and Skittles. Over-chewing the little rainbow-colored candies every day caused my TMJ to flare up. One rainy […]

O, Holy Night!

From The Oystercatcher of Southwark by Erica Colahan-Ruggieri Copywrite 2022 “O, Holy Night, hmm hmm…” Mary hummed as she helped Mollie into her little bed, tucking the blankets around her. “Pretty, Muter,” Mollie sighed, rubbing her eyes and reaching her chubby arms up to hug Mary’s neck. “I am the most blessed mother in the […]

O Stolen Christmas Tree

“Psst…go back to that empty lot and grab one of those Christmas trees.” Grandmom nudged us back into the minivan. “What?” My eyebrows shot up in surprise. My brother looked at me, then at Grandmom. “You can’t be serious. We can’t just steal a Christmas tree.” “Why not?” Our Grandmom, Edna, was forceful. “Here, leave this in […]

The Oystercatcher of Southwark

by Erica Colahan-Ruggieri Copyright 2022 More than 125 years have passed, and MARY PARAGANO’s tragic voice has been silenced by history—until her great-granddaughter, BELLA, and a stranger named SOPHIE discover their family connection and finally unearth Mary’s story. Philadelphia, 1897—Disowned by her Catholic father, abandoned by her husband, JAKOB, and pursued by a jealous gangster, […]